Engagement Shoot

These tips can be applied to ANY session...THAT YOU WANT TO LOOK GOOD IN... So read on...

(Disclaimer:::  Only Read if you want to look good in your photos..... FAMILY SHOOTS READ ON another link at the bottom for extra help with crazy kiddos!)

YAY! You are getting MARRIED!! Engagements are the first interaction that I have with my clients and it is fun to get to know you! I always want your pictures to be "the best shoot I have ever had" and in order to get the BEST possible outcome out of your shoot I have put together a few things to think about in preparation. These things really can make an EPIC shoot or a ok shoot.



This is such an important part of your engagements. If done right it can add so much to your shoot. If done wrong… well…. Uh Oh. Read through these tips on what to bring along.

You want to blend together but NOT match. Most couples do not plan to wear the exact same thing in your real life so why when showing the world who you are as couple would you do that in your engagements. It's cute on kids and twins but not for engagement photos. Choose clothes that look great together and more importantly great on you!

PLEASE REMEMBER - If you feel comfortable and amazing in the clothes that will translate into your photos!

WHERE ARE WE SHOOTING - Take into consideration where we will be shooting if we are in the mountains wear something cute and casual that will not take away the gorgeous scene around you OR dress it up, go all out and look amazing in your formal wear to give contrast to the casual scene. I personally Love when couples choose 2 opposite style outfits from casual to classy.

Just remember neutrals and solid muted colors. (more on this in a sec!)


Are you wearing pants to the shoot?? Keep in mind BLUE JEANS don't look near as classy as ANY OTHER COLOR of pants... And ladies let's talk leggings. I am such a fan in my day to day life. BUT if you do not have a long shirt or tunic top on - Just say NO. I really shouldn't need to explain since we all know what happens when they ride up and you aren't paying attention... No matter your size it is not a good idea.

Also GUYS- soon as you get to the shoot check your pockets. (this also goes for groomsmen) DO NOT put your keys or phone in that front pocket. Editing a bulge off your pants in every picture isn't fun. (Sorry to be blunt, I assume you would want to know that info!)

THINGS THAT DO NOT LOOK GOOD- bright fluorescent colors, logos, words, distracting patterns, and tons of jewelry. Highlighting YOU in YOUR photos is my aim and by keeping to those few things it really makes a difference!*

Your skin will reflect what you wear.

Everyone wants their skin to look perfect in their photos. That can be helped by you. Neutrals or muted tones of colors will give you the best look for clear and even skin. Choosing a VIBRANT red will cause your skin will look like you have a sunburn. If you want Blue go with a Navy or a Baby Blue, if you want Green go with more of a forest green or a pastel. TRUST ME - Big Deal.
As a suggestion I say stay away from the red, pink, yellow and orange tones, especially if we are shooting at red rocks. But if you want these colors DEFINITELY make sure they are muted.

(example ^^ her pink dress, looks great!)

Keeping the Balance for Hair & Makeup

First, they Know what they are doing. They know how to make your skin look incredible in EVERY single photo. Look at their work prior to hiring them and MAKE SURE they have done it LOTS. And they understand what just enough to cover but not cake it on or make you pastey.

If you decide to do your hair and makeup yourself, remember this:

Hair - Keep it looking natural, loose and flowy. This is the style that I shoot with. If you are worried that your hair will go frizzing or crazy bring some hair serum and hairspray.
Makeup - Wear enough to hide blemishes, but not so much that you have that gross line on your chin or a thick layer that makes you look like a wax model.

And if you use do-it-yourself eyelashes: Use very little glue and CUT THEM DOWN slightly. You have to have massive eyes if you think that the size that they come will fit on the average person. Plus, many times I have had people have watery eyes because the corner of the lash is poking them.


IRON OR HANG THOSE CLOTHES!!!! Wrinkled clothes can make you look very trashy no matter what you paid for that outfit. DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO BE PERFECT IF YOU JUST BOUGHT THEM!!!
Chat with me before hand about where we will be shooting and the conditions that we will be shooting in. If we are going to be shooting in the mountains then it's smart to bring more than high heels. Make sure you bring something that will allow us to hike up to those gorgeous locations. If it's going to be Hot then don't wear a 10 layers and vice versa if it's going to be snowing make sure you bring a coat and blanket to snuggle up in. And if it is freezing than throw a pair of leggings underneath your clothes since we will be hanging out in that weather for a couple of hours. WIND - can be very cold too be sure to check it out!


A shoot with me typically lasts 1.5 - 2 hours if you show up 15 to 30 minutes late we just cut down significantly on your photos. I always schedule the shoot for optimal lighting and it really is timed for that. By being late you are forfeiting pictures that could've been done and not allowing me to create great photography.

I know that pictures may not be what you want to do on your day off or after work

But just remember why you're doing this. You want to document a wonderful life that you have with your loved ones. So be happy, relax and enjoy the process. I'm pretty sure that you'd be pretty angry with yourself if the whole time you were grumbling and ended up with a scowl that I'm sure your fiancé or mother will not appreciate. The more you are able to relax and have a good time the less likely you will look dumb in photos.

I do love a good couple of serious pictures but if you're not enjoying yourself by snuggling up to your loved one than your serious faces just ends up looking like you're pissed off. I love when my couples make it a goal to try and make each other laugh as much as possible in the couple of hours that we have together. It makes for not only an enjoyable session but even a fun date night.

I want you to look at your photos and think about how happy you were at this time in your life.

Life is good and I want you to enjoy these moments Together




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