Breastfeeding Styled Shoot

Ladies I am EXTREMELY excited to do these photos. I want to capture connection and love. I also want to highlight you as women, exactly as you are. So bring on the Blue hair and tattoos ;) If you have friends that you know that would like this style of photos invite them along too. The women who breastfeed will take priority but I would love to get some snuggles too!


Take a look at this blog post to see how all images are clean and simple. No, you do not have to wear a flower crown. Her makeup is simple, clean and she looks beautiful. The clothes are also simple and nothing is distracting from the idea of these images


Your hair will most likely be in your face in a lot of the photos. Please be sure to make sure it is either curled or straitened. NO FRIZZ. NO GREASE. NO BED HEAD. Boob will not show in any that I post on social media. All MUST BE OK WITH SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING. Her clothes and babies clothes are simple. PLEASE NOTHING BRIGHT!


I wan these to be beautiful images and that starts with you guys! It matters what you and the babes wear and it matters how they look together. Keep the colors muted. I want to highlight motherhood and the connection between you and your littles not wht you are wearing. Take a look at this gallery to understand the feeling that I am going for.

  • The look of the photographers style of photography that I love the most and want to "channel" are Meg Bitton & LJHOLLOWAYI DO NOT want to big poofy dresses though.

  • I will want all of you to text or message me your outfits and make sure they are on point ;)    |||||||   (if you are thinking that lularoe is good for these photos you are WRONG, unless it is one of their solid long dresses. NOTHING CRAZY!)

  • No dark or metallic shadows. Lipstick is good but nothing too bright.

  • I want this to be a calm shoot and to be fun so if you have crazy kiddos please bring things to help them relax and bribe them with ;) If you get angry or frustrated please leave the shoot before I ask you to leave.

  • These images will be YOURS. You will be able to do what you will with them. I WILL USE THEM FOR MARKETING and SOCIAL MEDIA.

  • ***Please be sure that swaddle blankets match you and please bring a blanket that matches you that can be put on the ground. The prettier the things you bring and put on you and the babe the more images you will get because i will like you more... harsh truth.


If you have read and clicked on all the stuff and think you are still interested TEXT ME your name and that you are in!!! 3072541220


If you are super excited and want even more direction these are the links I send ALL of my clients to prep for their sessions