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Now this is a little hard for me to say but please read::::

Please remember kids play off YOUR mood. I will never tell someone how to raise their child but from what I have observed telling a kid they'll be punished if they don't smile rarely works and getting frustrated/ angry / or yelling will not only make ALL the smiles go away but will make me very uncomfortable.

Let's set the kids and the ENTIRE family up to win and enjoy this evening you get to share together

If you need help with Outfits never hesitate to text me pictures or call me about your ideas! I want these photos to look just as good as you do!

Let's go make some memories! <3

Let's Have a Killer Time!

First off do you want fun and amazing shots of your family just how you are?! (some posed of course) Then let's run around and let the kids play and laugh at all the crazy things we do to get someone to smile!

Couple of easy things I tell all my families.

  • Bring a Blanket that matches your outfits.
  • Bring books or toys that you wouldn't mind having in the photos. (teddy bears, trucks, all things that match they don't have to be in the photos but they're handy if we need them)
  • Bring snacks NOT CANDY that is neutral like gram crackers. (We don't need BLUE teeth!)
  • If you want to bring more fun things like popcorn for a popcorn fight, kites to fly, or even a paint or chalk for a crazy fun fight... we can do them at the end. It can keep people excited!!
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