Boudoir photography

 a way for you to celebrate who you are.

it is a tasteful photo session showing off a little bit of your sexy side. It'll make you feel confident and beautiful whether it is just for you or for someone special. If you are on the fence about whether or not to book a session I urged you to do it! You won't regret it – you are beautiful the way you are and you deserve to have some amazing photos of yourself.

Boudoir photography with me is relaxed and fun. I will make you feel comfortable with posing direction and I promise you will feel sexy and confident looking at those photos.


Preparing for your session

  • Drink lots of water prior to the shoot. You would be amazed at how much better it can make your skin look.
  • Eat a light meal before the session
  • Moisturize all over so your skin looks best
  • Don't wear any tight fitting clothes as they can leave marks all over your body. (Even socks!)
  • Make a playlist of your favorite songs to help you relax or we will jam out to Pandora during your session.
  • Don't forget your nails ;)
  • Bring your own accessories! Spice up your outfits with plunging necklaces or dangling earrings.
  • I always suggest that you get your hair and makeup done professionally. It is such A perfect way for you to feel pampered and sexy before going into this shoot. If you are not getting your makeup professionally done bring your make up along to the shoot in case we may need any touch ups.
  • Don't forget to shave or wax. The end.


You will come in and we will talk about the different outfits you've brought, which are your favorites, and answer any additional questions.




What do I bring to wear? Whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident! Sets of lingerie, a sexy cocktail dress, your robe, stockings, high heels. Anything!!!

Do you provide lingerie? No. Let's not share...

Do you have props? I believe that boudoir does not need props. I think that the location and you is all that we need.

Where should we do the session? There are two options to choose from with this. Most of my clients choose to do their boudoir session in their own home, in their bedroom. If for some reason your bedroom doesn't work or you want something nicer I suggest that you, the client, choose a hotel or Airbnb location and let me know what you picked. I am here to help if you have questions on lighting, best place, east & west facing rooms etc.

(If you opt to do Airbnb make sure the owner of the home will not be present at the location, awkward..)

Will you retouch my photos? The retouching that I offer is skin smoothing. If you have acne , blemishes or cellulite you will not see that in your photos. I want you to rock your natural body whatever that may be. If you have freckles, birthmarks, or a little extra let's take this opportunity to help you love exactly who you are.

Can I bring a friend? Absolutely. If it would make you more comfortable to have someone that you know at the session and you're welcome to bring them along. Keep in mind some people actually feel more uncomfortable being in lingerie with a friend in tow.

"I'm nervous. I've never done this before. I'm not sure that I should...."

Every woman deserves to have amazing images of herself. Something that's personal and private. I think it's important for everyone to be comfortable in her own body and view herself as perfect, beautiful and sexy. A lot of times people do these images for someone else but in the end I want them to be for you. I want them to be a confidence boost and building blocks in your continual journey in self-love.

Click contact me below if you have any questions or are still not sure!