Tricks to Get the Conversation Started!

It is really interesting getting back into a different type of work. I didn’t realize how much more outgoing and friendly I was  when I was doing photography full-time. It was REALLY easy to talk to my clients and get to know them. I LOVED meeting new people and LOVED interacting with strangers. Today I was thinking about meeting a whole bunch of new people in a new area and I was stunned that I was slightly apprehensive. Don’t get me wrong I know I will love all the people I meet and have a great time but my first thought was, “What do I say?” lol

So I came up with a few conversation started for any situation that you may be in.

Take a read and if you have a few ideas of your own Let Me Know! I would love some more. 2 or more minds is way better than 1!


·         Tell me about you.

·         What do you like to do?

·         What’s your story?

·         Where did you grow up?

·         Do you have any pets?

·         What do you do for work?

·         What’s your passion?

·         Do you have any siblings?

·         What did you do last weekend?

·         Working on anything new and fun lately?

·         What are some of your hobbies?

·         What do you like to do in your spare time?

·         How do you know this ____. (Person, Place, or Thing)

·         Have you been to _______ (where ever you are) like this    before?

·         What was the best part of your day today?

·         What was the best part of your week so far?

·         Do you have any weekend plans?

·         What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

·         What is your favorite holiday?

·         What is your favorite day of the week?

·         If you could meet ANYONE in history, who would be?

·         If you could meet someone who is alive right now, who would it be?

·         What are your favorite restaurants around here?


Can’t wait to hear some of your conversation starters! Throw in a few pick up lines if you have any I love randomly using those on Michael ;)