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Jake & McKenna Family | Colorado Family Photographer

Jake and Mckenna are ENGAGED!!! WOOT!
I loved getting to shoot this lovely couple and their perfectly handsome little man. As you can see they, all three of them, are gorgeous. Seriously! Gene Pool Jackpot! It was a blast getting to hang out with them as we hiked around Devil's backbone in Loveland. We walked, talked and wrangled a 2 year old that only wanted to RUN! For never staying still for more than 3 seconds can you believe how adorable he is?! Lady Killer. Can't wait to show these two their pictures.... I feel like some of them when they were able to snuggle just the two of them really show just how in love they are..... ENJOY :)

Hanson Family | North Dakota Families

The Andelin Four!!!

These 4 are some of my favorite people EVER. All because of that amazing woman! She is such a wonderful person and a great Momma. 
I met Torri when I randomly moved into her house, without her permission, back in 2009. I thought I was just staying with one of my friends, her roommate. But it turned out getting a place to live was harder and took longer than I expected. She accepted me with open arms and I have been grateful for her presence in my life ever since.  
I have gotten to see her get married and have babies. I love having people in your life that you can grow with. I will always love these guys and love getting to see them whenever I can.

Torri & Damon Andelin - St. George Utah - Southern UT - family Photographer Debi Rae Photography (1 of 25).jpg
Torri & Damon Andelin - St. George Utah - Southern UT - family Photographer Debi Rae Photography (23 of 25).jpg

Sisters & Best Friends!

I love these two littles! I have taken pictures of them since they were both tiny. And they sure are growing up into the sweetest little ladies EVER. Claire is always perfect in front of the camera giving sweet smiles and being adorable on cue... I swear! BUT.. her little sister Adele is a little shy and just wants to love and snuggle on her favorite person- her big sissy! I am so glad that they love each other because if Claire did something then Adele wanted to follow her lead. 

I can't wait to see what they look like in the coming years! As you can tell they are already perfectly beautiful!!!!! <3

Claire & Adele North Dakota Utah Wyoming colorado fort collins loveland family Photographer Debi Rae Photography-6838.jpg