Maggie & Mady | Denver Couple

It's Mady!!

I went to High School with Mady and as we did this shoot it felt as if no time had past. We accepted each other exactly the way the other was and picked up where we had left off. It was fun to know that going 9 years without seeing someone doesn't mean that bonds break. We were friends then and we are friends now.

It was so sweet of Maggie to let Mady and I pretty much catch up the entire shoot while she just hung out looking all gorgeous. These two have great chemistry and are a ton of fun! A serious pleasure to have these ladies in front of my camera!

I have to share some sweet words Mady sent me after seeing her photos for the first time, "Debi... these are absolutely beautiful. The world is incredibly lucky to have an artist like you in it.  You truly capture moments and make them last forever. Maggie and I will cherish these photos forever. Thank you so much. So much..... You are a blessing to this world. I hope you know that."

K, you can stop crying.... how sweet is she!!! So not only did I get to have her in front of my camera but she brings me to tears with her kind words. Such beautiful people. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful souls as my clients. #IloveMyJob

Rustin & Kelsey | St. George Utah Engagements

Rustin is My Husband Michael's best friend. And we couldn't be happier that he found such a great person as his wife! Kelsey is sweet, loving and kind everything that Rustin deserves. I love seeing both of them transformed into their best self because of the love that they give each other and give them self now. Seriously, such amazing people and such a blessing to have them in our lives! If only we could convince them to move to Colorado too!

Hanson Family | North Dakota Families

McKyley and Calvin | Part TWO

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
— β€” Lao Tzu

The Andelin Four!!!

These 4 are some of my favorite people EVER. All because of that amazing woman! She is such a wonderful person and a great Momma. 
I met Torri when I randomly moved into her house, without her permission, back in 2009. I thought I was just staying with one of my friends, her roommate. But it turned out getting a place to live was harder and took longer than I expected. She accepted me with open arms and I have been grateful for her presence in my life ever since.  
I have gotten to see her get married and have babies. I love having people in your life that you can grow with. I will always love these guys and love getting to see them whenever I can.

Torri & Damon Andelin - St. George Utah - Southern UT - family Photographer Debi Rae Photography (1 of 25).jpg
Torri & Damon Andelin - St. George Utah - Southern UT - family Photographer Debi Rae Photography (23 of 25).jpg

Colby & Kat | Southern Utah Engagements


Well, it's time. I have been missing photography so much over the last couple of months!

I love doing Life Coaching and the company I have been working for but I felt like a piece of me was missing NOT doing photography. It is an outlet. It allows me to create memories for me and for others. Each session I have done represents a time in my life. I remember the prep time, the session, and then the hours of editing and what was going on during that time. It's cray because through documenting memories for others I have memories of my own. Every session that I did holds  place in my heart.

I love photography and I always will.

Passions never truly die.

And mine is back on fire....


Williams Family | Southern Utah Family Photographer