So teeny, so cute, so absolutely perfect.

So teeny, so cute, so absolutely perfect. πŸ’™ 


I can't believe I gave birth to the most perfect little boy 6 days ago. Labor technically started a whole week ago!


Hudson is so chill and so easy. (Especially, now that I understand a breast-feeding schedule! πŸ™ˆ) All I want to do all day is stare at his perfect little face. Sometimes I'm sad to swaddle him all up because then I can't see his cute fingers and toes.

It's amazing how much your love grows for someone every day. The bond that I feel with him is just getting stronger. One minute I'll be looking at him and feel so blessed that I start crying and I will admit that there has been those "I'm a bad mom" moments. I'm grateful they pass quickly and I can tell it's just hormones.

Even with my body healing and the lack of sleep this is by far easier than any day pregnant.  I am loving every second of his perfect existence. I didn't know I'd be so happy and excited so quickly. Happy Tuesday Friends. 

I have a baby! A real one. One I made.

Still in shock....