I am beyond grateful for so many wonderful things.


I'm sitting here looking at his cute sleepy face and I'm overwhelmed with love and gratitude. Hudson has brought a new look on life that I am excited to figure out. I am looking at things differently with him here. Our lives have definitely changed.  

So far it's not in big ways just in small ways. We have to consider him and what he needs before we plan anything. The number one thing that has changed is time and timing.

I used to be able to get ready and out the door in a half hour…. ha. I haven't figured out his feeding schedule enough to get out the door within 2 hours. I had been doing pretty good... then I adjusted it for what I thought would be better and it wasn't!

He went from happy self scheduling perfectly to a fussy tired and hungry all the time baby. I'm grateful in the last 2 days he hopped right back into his happy baby mode. I bet he is pretty happy about it too.

So now I have a baby that sleeps 3-6 hours between feedings and wakes up every morning between 6:15-7.

I knew he was perfect but letting me get some sleep really makes him even cooler.

So today

I'm grateful for my little man.

I'm grateful for a loving and supportive husband.

I'm grateful I'm almost all healed up.

I'm grateful I'm getting sleep.

I'm grateful I'm NOT pregnant.

I'm grateful for my β€œtribe” and all the support and love they give.

I'm grateful for coffee.

I'm grateful for this new chapter we've started.

I'm grateful I love my life.


I hope you have a grateful kind of day too <3




So teeny, so cute, so absolutely perfect.

So teeny, so cute, so absolutely perfect. πŸ’™ 


I can't believe I gave birth to the most perfect little boy 6 days ago. Labor technically started a whole week ago!


Hudson is so chill and so easy. (Especially, now that I understand a breast-feeding schedule! πŸ™ˆ) All I want to do all day is stare at his perfect little face. Sometimes I'm sad to swaddle him all up because then I can't see his cute fingers and toes.

It's amazing how much your love grows for someone every day. The bond that I feel with him is just getting stronger. One minute I'll be looking at him and feel so blessed that I start crying and I will admit that there has been those "I'm a bad mom" moments. I'm grateful they pass quickly and I can tell it's just hormones.

Even with my body healing and the lack of sleep this is by far easier than any day pregnant.  I am loving every second of his perfect existence. I didn't know I'd be so happy and excited so quickly. Happy Tuesday Friends. 

I have a baby! A real one. One I made.

Still in shock....