Calvin & Mckyley GOT MARRIED!

This wedding was AMAZING. I think mainly because they aren't clients anymore, they're friends. I got to help with any questions along the way and be their for them when things got a little stressful. It made the process so much more fun and I was able to deliver images knowing exactly what they wanted and what they had worked so hard to achieve. It showed. Their wedding was stunning. It was planned to the very last detail and was an all day event that everyone enjoyed. I only wish I could share all the images on the blog because since I was there all day long it is so many more than I can post on this blog and still keep you entertained enough to keep scrolling ;)
I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.


Venue: Brookside Gardens, Berthoud CO
Dress: Dora Grace Bridal
Hair & Makeup: Kendall w/ Brookside Gardens Spa
Flowers: Nature's Grace Design
DJ: Matt Amore
Videographer: KAL Films
Caterer- Origins Catering

Sneak Peak | Calvin & McKyley

When you are this madly and perfectly in love the whole world will unfold at your feet.

I can not wait for you wedding <3 SAVE THE DATE ~ Ky & Cals friends!! It'll be EPIC!

More to come from this epic shoot later this week....


Well, it's time. I have been missing photography so much over the last couple of months!

I love doing Life Coaching and the company I have been working for but I felt like a piece of me was missing NOT doing photography. It is an outlet. It allows me to create memories for me and for others. Each session I have done represents a time in my life. I remember the prep time, the session, and then the hours of editing and what was going on during that time. It's cray because through documenting memories for others I have memories of my own. Every session that I did holds  place in my heart.

I love photography and I always will.

Passions never truly die.

And mine is back on fire....