Reflections and Appreciation

I'm laying in bed trying to relax and fall asleep when it hits me. I'm filled with gratitude and appreciation.  

Life changes so quickly. People come into your life and phase out of your life so easily. I've had so many wonderful people touch my life in the simplest of ways that left huge meaning. I feel close to people I barely know because of a chance meeting with special purpose at a certain time when I needed a little boost.  

People come into your life serve a purpose and leave. While others stay for a long time or forever never having fulfilled the purpose that they're serving.  

I am so blessed to have family that I love dearly and who are a wonderful influence on me. And a husband that is such a wonderful, loving and kind person. 

Im looking back on 2016 and while there has definitely been some challenges there has been immense growth in the direction of the type of person I want to be. Most of it had been pondering, sticky notes and list that never fully got implemented but so much understanding of where I want the rest of my life to go has come this year.  

Ive found the person I want to be and now I have to take action towards that person. It is a peaceful feeling to have a clear picture of the attributes I want to embody. I've had this feeling before but it's never been so clear as it is right now. 

The other day Mike and I were having a conversation about me and who I want to be. He told me how he loved me, loved my ideas and plans for myself but he also told me that it was time to stop making list and start taking my ideas and creating that life for myself. He explained that he didn't want me to loose myself in becoming a mom. He knows that I need to be ME and be a mom. I had tunnel vision and could only think of one thing: getting through this pregnancy. I was so caught up in the morning sickness and doing what was best for baby (and surviving the day) that I stopped creating and stopped working on my passions.   

Talk about an amazing husband.  

You have to have a partner that knows you really well to point that kind of life altering focus out to you. After we talked he helped me realize that I had gotten out of the feeling of being appreciative and grateful for my life. When I am able to focus on those things life runs smoother.