things that you view as less than something else

i've been thinking a lot about things that I can work on in the new year. I want to be a better me and improve on areas of myself that could use a little work. ive noticed that when trying to set goals setting them is never the problem. For me, the problem always lies in the first few steps of taking action. I may even work on the goal for a few days but then something will come up and I will make excuses as to why "I just don't have time" or "I can't do that today" then the goal slowly dwindles into another great idea that I once had for myself. 

I know that it needs to happen, I set alarms, write lists, put up sticky notes but then I just don't do it. After a few times of ignoring the reminders it's not as hard to ignore them and I eventually forget what they were for in the first place and remove the reminders.  

Sounds like healthy habits eh?! In the new year I really want to work on this. My goal is to take action. I have no idea how I will do with this goal but it is one that I will never give up on. I will always want better for myself and I will always expect to be improving.  

For today that's it. Just a blog post about one of my flaws and how I am working to overcome it. if you have ever had the same problem let me know how you do it or what things you changed to stay on task. I know it's time to implement some knew habits that will make me happier and I'm always open to feedback!