Military Ball and a Promotion for Mike

I am so honored to be the wife of this man! After 4 years, a deployment, lots of different jobs, 8 different apartments and houses I still love him more and more everyday. 

I love seeing his drive. He goes for what he wants and never looks back. He gets it done and with a smile on his face. At the military ball he was given his E6! He's now a Staff Sergeant! I'm so proud of him for his promotion. Β 

It moved him from Richfield 222 to St. George 222. I will miss going and staying at the Foisy's but now that we will be living in Colorado it'll be nice to get to stay at our home in St. George πŸ˜„ Β 

i love being an army wife. But mainly I love being married to this man. I feel so blessed and so lucky. I have the strongest support I could ask for. Β