My Birthday

Today was my Birthday!  

I am back dating this post to remember how amazing it was this year!

i am beyond grateful for my amazing husband. 

This past week we went to St. George, Vegas and then home to move into our new apartment. In St. George Mike had To Play army man. he is in the Utah National Guard (he is hoping to switch soon so that we don't have a 10 Hour Drive every month) while there I got to shoot engagements fOr his best friend. I got to see so many people that I have been missing from St George. In looking back I definitely had some wonderful relationships that I didn't take full advantage of. It makes me excited to build that kind of amazing relationships here in Colorado. I can't wait till I have a group of girlfriends that get together all the time to talk about life like I do in St. George.

once Mike was done with his army stuff we headed to Las Vegas for my big sisters wedding. It was so much fun beyond anything that I had expected. I knew that they liked each other nine obviously knew they loved each other since they were getting married. But to see them so in loveat their ceremony I can wish for better for my big sister. Plus I am so excited to have Matt in the family.... Mainly because his sisters are awesome! It makes me want to go to North Dakota right now just to see all of Michelle's new family! (And of course Michelle)

on the way home I got to do some amazing pictures from amazing family. They live on a mini farm and have a orchard in their backyard. The pictures are gorgeous but you're just gonna have to trust me on this… They keep their kids in their life out of social media and the public eye. It makes me wonder what I'll be like when I have kids… 

on the morning of my birthday we had just finished putting away everything from the move the night before. Are gorgeous new apartment was all clean and I walked upstairs and the first thing that I heard was my amazing or meet Brenda belting out happy birthday in that gorgeous voice of hers. Mike when our couch with my brother Eric from storage because you can't have a party without places for everybody to sit. He brought home breakfast and then I started cooking for the nights festivities.

I made bacon jalapeño dip. Pumpkin jalapeño dip. Pumpkin cream cheese dessert dip. Candy corn Carmel corn. Barbecue meatballs. Garlic bread. And some other minor things! It was fun! I definitely have missed having a place to entertain. And the time to be able to do it.   

Mike went off to run some "errands".... He came home with a sparkly new duffel bag, some Victoria's Secret updates and some really comfy pajamas. all things that he knew that I not only really wanted But totally needed. And then he told me there's a really big surprise coming for anniversary! I can't wait!

One of my very favorite people Stephanie Clayburn called me and we chatted for quite a while. I always love talking to her because she helps me realize the bigger picture and be open to always being the kindest person I know how to be. She knows who I am at my core and she holds me to that standard. I love that & her!!  

we started off the day by watching The Addams family, Sleepyhollow, and Hotel Transylvania. Then we switch it up and started singing karaoke... That was a hoot. But my favorite part of the entire day was when Mike turned on amazed by lone star held out his hand so he could dance with me and softly saying the entire song in my ear is he cuddled me. There was plenty of laughing, jokes, and people just having a really good time. It was absolutely amazing.

i hope your Halloween was just as fun as mine!